Early Accumulators

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An early accumulator is someone who, regardless of age, has begun to think seriously about their financial future.  They have probably developed a budget and are saving diligently.  We help these clients progress from having a collection of securities to a purpose built portfolio. 


What will your financial plan address?

  • Financial Position

    Where do you stand financially? This financial “inventory” takes stock of all of your resources, opportunities, and risks to get an idea of what you’ll have to work with in progressing toward your goals. And where do you want to be financially five, ten, twenty, or even fifty years from now? This is a broad assessment of what is important to you. Each client’s goals are unique, and we work hard to acknowledge and respect that.
  • Retirement Planning

    In the accumulation phase of saving for retirement, we will answer three basic questions; “How much do you need to save?”, “Where should your retirement savings be held?”, and “How should they be invested?”
  • Education Planning

    Paying for college has become more complex than just knowing how much you need to save. Beyond that, we address investment allocation, tax advantaged savings vehicles, and financial aid eligibility.

  • Asset Allocation

    Much of our efforts focus on developing and monitoring clients’ investment allocation. Whether accounts are held at our firm, or externally as with employer sponsored retirement plans, our approach is comprehensive and highly refined to optimize risk adjusted return at the portfolio, allocation, and holding level.
  • Tax Planning

    As we prepare your taxes, our goal is to optimize advantages like tax deferred investments and specialized deductions, and broadly assess the tax efficiency of clients’ investments. We also keep abreast of tax law changes that would affect clients like Roth conversion incentives and estate tax limits.
  • Protection Planning

    The unforeseen should not derail your financial goals. Protection planning involves a frank assessment of your personal financial risks, and of the strategies in place to protect against them. This often includes examining insurance alternatives, as consistent with our fiduciary obligation to pursue only that solution that is best for the client.
  • Estate Planning

    As with other facets of planning, we begin with a general discussion of client desires for protecting their family. Beyond legal strategies fulfilled in wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, we help clients ensure that their estate plan is fully implemented by monitoring things like beneficiary designations and asset ownership.